Social Memory and Cultural Heritage

The Graduate Program on Social Memory and Cultural Heritage adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the study of memory and cultural heritage in order to provide our students with a complex and multifaceted grasp of the issues related to social memory. We understand Social Memory and Cultural Heritage as a field from which one can think about the relations between memory and a myriad of related topics, such as culture, identity, language, space and social representations, education and cultural heritage (material, immaterial and natural); production, circulation, appropriation and social uses of cultural goods (material, immaterial and natural); information and communication. We conduct studies on the plurality of cultures and memories; on the different spaces and places of memory, approaching cultural heritage in an integral perspective; and on the relations between social and economic development based on the ethical and responsible use of cultural goods. The creation of our Graduate Program at La Salle University, in 2008, resulted from the work and experiences of the research group on Memory, Culture and Identity. Additionally, we also respond to the demands of the social and cultural insertion of our University in its local, regional, and national contexts, and have a deep interconnection with our surrounding community.

Master's Program

Master’s Program

The Professional Master’s Degree in Social Memory and Cultural Heritage seeks to provide a solid theoretical and practical training that will professionalize the work of our students in relation to social memory and cultural assets, in order to meet the demands of social, political, economic and cultural dynamics in contemporary society. In order to do so, we offer a comprehensive education to our students with regards to the understanding and analysis of themes on social memory and cultural heritage, and their participation in the process of social representation and in the construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of the cultural identities of social groups. More so, we specialize in providing our graduates with the necessary tools for action in the field of culture, focusing on cultural management, creative industries, cultural economy, cultural and social projects, social memory, cultural languages, cultural heritage and cultural institutions.

Professional Profile

Professional Profile

Graduates from our Professional Master’s Program in Social Memory and Cultural Heritage will have the technical skills and abilities necessary to manage the resources and tools for the creation, revitalization, and development of institutions focused on cultural heritage and social memory. They will also be fit for educational work aimed at raising awareness and assisting individuals, groups, and communities for the recognition, understanding and appreciation of cultural assets. Additionally, they will be able to promote the reflection, discussion and development of cultural policies for the production, diffusion, preservation and access to cultural goods and cultural heritage institutions. Finally, they will be proficient in using tools of formulation, feasibility, implementation and evaluation of projects.

PhD Program on Social Memory and Cultural Heritage

PhD Program on Social Memory and Cultural Heritage

Our PhD program is focused on the training of researchers, professors, and professionals to work in the areas of social memory, culture and management of cultural goods, either to teach in undergraduate and graduate programs and/or to conduct research in institutions of higher education. Additionally, our PhD graduates are equipped to work on public and private organizations dedicated to issues of social memory and cultural heritage. We wish to broaden reflections, debates and interdisciplinary research on the relationship between social memory, cultural heritage, and the management of cultural goods, through the production and diffusion of theoretical knowledge and the construction of skills, abilities, and tools to intervene in different realities.

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